Saliva swab could revolutionise medical testing for millions


On behalf of the Organising Committee we would like to announce the Saliva Technology Application Research Symposium.

The inaugural Saliva Technology Application Research Symposium (STARS) brings the world’s best minds to Brisbane in July 2016 for Australia’s first major saliva conference detailing emerging research, translational and technological advances.

STARS 2016 will showcase emerging saliva research in Immunology, biosensors, innovation and salivary diagnostics. It will tackle the global challenges that face the sector through thought leadership and knowledge sharing.

Delegates will have opportunities for succession planning and road mapping. Innovations explored in the field include improved and customised diagnostic kits, e-health initiatives, in-home technology, cost-effective designs and processes and improving saliva stability and transportation.

This high calibre international scientific symposium will be a forum for the sharing of cutting edge research and showcasing clinical advancements in Saliva Research.

The Scientific Program will include:

  • Saliva biomarker development
  • Saliva diagnostics in cardiovascular disease and head and neck cancers
  • Point of care/Rapid test applications
  • Innovative saliva collection devices
  • Saliva Rheology
  • Genetics
  • Chair-side diagnostics for dentistry
  • Frugal innovation and constraint-driven innovation
  • Innovation for the 21st century
  • Think tank session on future directions for saliva research

We look forward to welcoming you to Brisbane in 2016.

Organising Committee
front_chamindie 140x170

Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera
Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera is a globally acknowledged pioneer in salivary diagnostics. She leads a world-class research laboratory in Australia, the Saliva Translational Research (STaR) laboratory within the Queensland University of Technology. Her team of over 12 researchers focuses on developing novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases and head and neck cancers and linking oral health to systemic diseases. More...
Dr Jonathan Peake 140x170_saliva technology symposium brisbane
Dr Jonathan Peake
Dr Jonathan Peake is a researcher in exercise physiology at Queensland University of Technology. He is focused on comparative and integrative studies of physiological stress on metabolism, immunity and endocrine function during recovery from exercise. He has conducted some preliminary work to assess changes in antimicrobial proteins in saliva after exercise, and changes in saliva testosterone and cortisol after exercise in different environmental conditions. Some of his future work will focus on salivary markers of fatigue in athletes.More...
Keynote Speakers

The key note speakers will include  John Atherton (Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Australia), Vicki Clifton (Mater Research Institute – The University of Queensland, Australia), Jeff Craig (Murdoch Children’s Hospital, Australia), Paul Dastoor (University of Newcastle, Australia), Nevenka Dimitrova (Philips, USA), John Fraser (Prince Charles Hospital, Australia), Maree Gleeson (University of Newcastle, Australia), Wayne Leifert (CSIRO, Australia), Carolyn Mountford (Translational Research Institute, Australia), Chris Perry (Princess Alexandra Hospital, Australia), Shantha Rajaratnam (Monash University, Australia), Natalie Rickers (DNA Genotek), Jason Stokes (The University of Queensland, Australia), Zee Upton (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore), Laurence J. Walsh (Dental School, University of Queensland, Australia).