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Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera
A/Prof. Punyadeera has had a hybrid research career working in industry as well as in academia. She has worked at Philips Electronics in the Netherlands and has been instrumental in developing Philips Mini-care I-20 for cardiac disease detection. She has also contributed to the development of an integrated platform to detect nucleic acids (Idylla TM) platform commercialised by Biocartis NV (Belgium). She is a globally acknowledged pioneer in salivary diagnostics. She is a consultant to Oasis Diagnostics®, USA and FLUIDS iQ™, Montreal, Canada. She has delivered plenary, keynote lecturers, and currently serve on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Oral Oncology. She leads a world-class saliva research laboratory at QUT, 12 researchers focusing on developing novel non-invasive diagnostic tools to detect heart disease and head and neck cancers early, linking oral health to systemic diseases. She is the convenor of the inaugural saliva conference in Australasia in 2016 and currently organising the second conference. She has >80 publications, 4 invited book chapters, cited 2533 times. She has also produced 15 PCT applications and has licensed salivary test for oral cancer to MDxHealth (USA). Her team is also develops prognostic assays to identify pateints likely to develop recurrences using circulating tumour cells. She has partnered with Clearbridge Biomedics in translating this prognostic assay into clinical practice. More...
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Dr Jonathan Peake

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