Dr Christine Williams

Dr. Williams 200x267_Saliva research symposium brisbane 2016Assistant Director, General Science Division Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation.

Advance Queensland includes a $180 million innovation investment to empower and encourage our researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.

Accelerating Advance Queensland is a $225 million package to further inspire future generations, grow our regions, unlock the potential of business to innovate, harness existing strengths and foster emerging opportunities.

Some Advance Queensland Highlights include 12 funding programs, 183 innovators funded, 41 Research Fellowships funded and 12 PhD Scholarships in progress across Queensland. 75 female researchers have been supported through the Women’s Academic Fund and 21 businesses are engaging graduates and collaborating with universities through Knowledge transfer Partnerships. In addition, there have been at least 31 entrepreneurial and startup events supported through the Young Starters’ and Startup Queensland Funds, 5 international partnerships created and 76 new ideas about pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or consumer healthcare innovations in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quick Fire Challenge.