Dr Darryl Irwin


Senior Director – Scientific Affairs, Agena Bio-sciences, USA

Darryl Irwin was awarded his undergraduate degree from the Queensland University of Technology and PhD from the University of Queensland.  Darryl’s PhD focused on developing techniques for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis.  Darryl has previously worked at Agen Biomedical, the clinical genetics laboratory at the Mater Mothers Hospital as well as the Genotyping Business Unit Manager at the Australian Genome Research Facility.  Darryl is currently Senior Director – Scientific Affairs for Agena Bioscience where he manages the global Assays by Agena and strategic collaborations initiatives.

Presentation Tilte: Oncology Applications of Liquid Biopsy

The MassARRAY® System provides an ideal solution for translational and clinical research with multiplexed detection of mutations as low as 0.1% MAF, utilizing only 10 ng of input DNA. The new UltraSEEK™ Colon and Lung Cancer Panels detect >70 mutations of known significance across EGFR, ERBB2, KRAS, BRAF, NRAS, and PIK3CA genes known to play a role in disease progression, response to therapy, and acquisition of resistance. The high specificity, quick turnaround time, and low cost of the assays make them ideally suited for detection and minimal residual disease monitoring.