Dr Jason Ross


Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO

Dr Jason Ross has worked in human health research at the CSIRO since 2004. Dr Ross has research interests in epigenomics, DNA methylation biomarkers and bioinformatics. Presently he leads projects developing liquid biopsy biomarkers for cancer and traumatic brain injury and he develops computational approaches for data analysis.

Dr. Ross’ research has had translational impact. He is co-inventor on patents describing epigenomics technologies and biomarkers. Two of the biomarkers now constitute the Colovera™ ctDNA test, a colorectal cancer diagnostic developed in partnership with Clinical Genomics and Flinders University. Colovera™ is now available on the US market.

Presentation Title: Cell-free DNA methylation profiles as liquid biopsy

CSIRO together with our partners developed Colvera™, a circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) liquid biopsy assay to diagnose and monitor colorectal cancer. The assay is based upon detecting ctDNA from two genes methylated in colorectal cancer, but unmethylated in non-neoplastic tissue or blood. Colvera™ is available in the US market as a lab developed test.

Presently, we are developing circulating cell-free DNA biomarkers based on tissue-specific epigenetic signatures. In this space, we have projects in diagnosing neural damage and chronic inflammation due to abdominal obesity.

I will discuss the DNA methylation biomarker liquid biopsy space and considerations when developing an assay.