Lex van Cooten


Managing Director, Immerse Enterprise

Lex Van Cooten began his career in virtual reality in 2014 as an early developer for Oculus Rift hardware. He has since founded and grown the company Immerse Enterprise, with a team of senior game developers and engineers, to offer corporate client services with an emphasis on utilizing virtual and augmented reality technologies for real world solutions.

Quickly realizing the potential applications and the fast evolving hardware he launched one of the first virtual reality events in Australia to bring awareness of the re-emerging technology (Virtual Reality) to the local community and increase the level of local talent able to work in this industry.

Having worked with clients such as Hyundai, BUPA Insurance, Endeavour Foundation and Queensland Urban Utilities Immerse Enterprise has the vision to bring this technology to the masses through practical, real world applications. Immerse Enterprise’s work spans multiple industries ranging from healthcare, education, construction, marketing, and entertainment to education in order to inspire and advance people worldwide.

Presentation title: Utilising Virtual Reality for Saliva Test Subjects 

Stimulating through controlled environments of test subjects can be difficult at best. Tests have been made using Virtual Reality to immerse users into simulations and environments, stimulating both stressful and relaxing experiences, for testing of impact on the user’s saliva response. If virtual reality can cause stress and anxiety, can it not also reduce them? We will explore the impacts of virtual experiences and how they have been used for control and reversal of anxiety, and controlled environments allow for better saliva testing.