Professor Nevenka Dimitrova

professor Nevenka Dimitrova 200x267_saliva research symposium brisbane 2016CTO Genomics, Healthcare IT

19 Skyline Drive, Hawthorne, NY 10532

2 Canal Park, Cambridge, MA 02141  USA


Nevenka Dimitrova, Ph.D.,   has been at Philips since 1995. She is the Chief Technology Officer of Genome Informatics at Philips. With her technology passion and intrapreneurial mind, she has been in diverse areas of signal processing, cognition, genomics, healthcare informatics. She believes that innovation happens at the confluence of diverse disciplines and cultures, and has led collaborations with with research institutes and companies.  Her bibliography contains over 130 scientific articles and 50 issued patents.  Recently she has been given the Gilles Holst award – the highest science and technology peer recognition prize at Philips.

Presentation Tile: Genome Informatics Platform for Big data and genomics enabling the Path Helix to Healthcare and Research

In this presentation I will talk about an overall solution to the genomic data overload which includes analysis of whole transcriptome and exome data, secure storage and management of this data and the interactive presentation of patient genome information in a contextualized manner. It is a continuum of analytics and user experiences with deep understanding of the clinical questions and the workflow. I will present a framework for hosting multiple genome informatics applications that bring information that is Connected, Digital and in Real Time. The framework sits on top of a digital health platform that offers core capabilities such as: persisting data and provisioning service (elastic computing), security, auditing, business workflow engine, reports service, user management service, patient identity service, provider registry service.