Prof. Balwant Rai

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Chief JBR Saliva Diagnostics

JBR Health Education and Research, Denmark



Professor (Dr) Balwant Rai is founder of Aeronautic Dentistry and has written the curriculum and guidelines for the implementation of this new discipline. He is Program Director and Associate Professor of Aeronautic Dentistry. He is also the President and Founder of the JBR Institute of Health Education Research and Technology.  He is also founder of the BR formula and BR regression equation used in forensic technology including forensic odontology . His current work involves the effect of micro-gravity & simulated space analog environment on the oral cavity, human physiology and psychology and non-invasive biomarkers, including the elaboration of technologies to prevent the adverse effects of microgravity on the human physiology and psychology. His biography has been published in different books such as Who’s Who in Health and Medicine and Who’s Who in the World, USA etc. He  has published more than  70 articles in international and national journals in saliva biomarkers, systemic diseases, novel devices, novel formulations, space dentistry and medicine etc. He has published 6 books and she has 20 patents  in areas of diagnostic and treatment technologies, Drug formulation, saliva diagnostics, nano-drug formulations, medical devices  etc. He is also founder of JBR translational medicine and science fellowship program and JBR Saliva Diagnostics fellowship program. He is Editor-in-Chief of different international journals and expert reviewer of different space agencies and  different funding agencies etc. Dr. Rai is working on a number of space related research projects and is jury member for different space related programs. He has a strong belief in leaving a mark on space programs using non-invasive diagnostic technologies and herbal formulations.

Presentation Title: Salivary Diagnostics in Neurology: JBR technologies

Salivary biomarkers are urgently required in the fields of neurology and psychology, to provide objective and earlier diagnoses  and detection of brain and neurological conditions such as  sleep problems, concussions, autism and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,  fibromyalgia and Huntington’s diseases. Recently, JBR saliva diagnostics group led by Rai,  developed  saliva technologies ( Panel of biomarkers) for early detection of brain and neurological conditions.  Human salivary biomarkers can 1) help in neurological conditions diagnosis, mainly at the early stage of the disease, when the clinical diagnosis is impossible,  which could help in early treatment, 2) monitoring of these diseases, and 3) assess the effectiveness of existing and  development of future neuroprotective treatments. In this keynote, i will discuss the diagnostic values of novel saliva based technologies in early detection, monitoring and management of neurology and psychology problems.