Prof Jason Stokes

a.professor Jason R Strokes 200x267_saliva research symposium brisbane 2016Professor and Director of Research, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Presentation Title:
The Physics of Saliva at Oral Interfaces and its Impact on Food Structure Design
Saliva plays important roles during oral processing of foods and oral care, including protecting surfaces and facilitating swallowing. Its functionality depends on its physical properties that include rheology, wetting/adsorption to substrates, and lubrication. This presentation will show how saliva is extremely elastic although it has a relatively low viscosity, and that it readily adsorbs to most surfaces to form hydrated polymer films that are incredibly lubricating. These are influenced by mechanical and acid stimulation, and are responsive to interactions with food and beverages. It is very challenging to mimic saliva’s physical properties despite progress in understanding their molecular origins. The application of the research to advanced structure design of healthy foods and oral care formulations is highlighted.