Prof Vicki Clifton

Professor Vicki Clifton 200x267_Saliva research symposium brisbane 2016Professor Vicki Clifton is a National Health and Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellow who is currently a Professorial Research Fellow with the Mothers and Babies Theme at Mater Medical Research Institute in Brisbane Australia, leading the Pregnancy and Development team. Vicki was employed at the Robinson Research Institute, School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health at the University of Adelaide from January 2008 to April 2015 after many years at the Mothers and Babies Research Centre in Newcastle, Australia. Prof Clifton is internationally recognized for her research into the human placenta and is currently Editor of the Placenta Journal (2012-present). Her current research focusses on the impact of maternal asthma and other health complications during pregnancy on placental function, fetal growth and childhood development with a specific interest in allergy.

Presentation Title:
The use of saliva for detecting childhood allergy