Yenkai Lim


Yenkai Lim graduated from the University of Queensland with a bachelor degree in Biotechnology with Honours in 2014. His Honours project involved the use of saliva to detect head and neck cancers. By using methylation signatures of tumour suppressor genes in saliva as biomarkers, he was able to detect head and neck cancers non-invasively. He was awarded a PhD scholarship from the Queensland University of Technology in 2015 to further his honours project. Currently, he is a third year PhD candidate investigating the oral microbiome changes in saliva as potential biomarker to predict head and neck cancers.

Presentation Title: The performance of an oral microbiome biomarker panel in predicting oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers

The oral microbiome can play a role in the instigation and progression of oral diseases that can manifest into other systemic conditions. These associations encourage the exploration of oral dysbiosis leading to the pathogenesis of cancers. In this study, oral rinse was used to characterise the oral microbiome fluctuation associated with oral cavity cancer (OCC) and oropharyngeal cancers (OPC). Oral rinse samples were analysed using 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing on the MiSeq platform. A logistic regression analysis was carried out to determine the performance of genera differences as a biomarker panel to predict OCC and OPC.